Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, I guess I am quite a bit behind on this blogging thing. It is really difficult to juggle mom, wife, teacher, counselor of teenagers, pet trainer, mom, wife, teacher... oh did I already say those things? Well I guess I'm not the first busy person out there and I won't be the last. But, alas, school is out and I was still in fast gear and so I delved into every area of my house that has been neglected for the past school year. Wow, where did we get all this junk? We, because of course you didn't think I did it without dragging my children in screaming and kicking, cleaned the basement, the little kids rooms(we did actually find them) closets etc... I think you get the picture. I then found out two weeks later that several in our church are having a yard sale in the church parking lot. Yeah! I now have a place to get rid of all my junk.
Well, I have also successfully helped my husband with this, that and the other, sent my two "chatty" children off to kids camp, gone back to the school a couple of times and worked (it seems to be home away from home) and done some yard work.
I hope everyone has a joyful day! Till we meet again my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures of family!


Well, my girls tell me that I need to write something so that I can have a new post. Life, it sure has a way of marching forward wether we are ready for the ride or not. I don't feel like posting. I am tired, weary, exhausted and yet "Life" goes on. We are, now as a matter of fact, marching toward spring break, which I am looking to with great yearning. I need a break. Not the kind we had recently, but a genuine, restful, have some real family time fun kinda break. We hope to journey back south in hopes of a little R& R camping somewhere in the Carolina's. Boy just the word camping brings back a truck load of memories. Broken toes, piling 13 people in the smallest of campers for the weekend, ham and potatoes the ultimate campfire food, singing, tents(of course with a particular smell of citronella candles), finding that perfect sight, falling in the lake(Allen of course), fishing, and the list just goes on and on. Well here is to hoping we find another "perfect" spot on a Carolina lake.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our pride and joy!

While visiting at his Grandpa Barr's house Dakota entertained everyone with his piano rendition of a christmas song that the children's church group sang for the program.

The lighter side of life in Pennsylvania!

Here are a few photographs of our trip to Pennsylvania. The Ron Wilson family was a blessing in the way the gave us an evening of fun for the kids and fellowship during a rough spot. Thanks!

Our trip to P.A.

Well this of course was no pleasure trip. This was a journey to say our goodbyes to a father, grandpa and friend. Upon receiving the word that Dad was getting worse, all of the kids decided we needed to make the journey to Pennsylvania to see him. We all arrived from our different states of abode and descended on the Barr house. Dad was in very bad shape and had to be taken the next day to the hospital in Wilkes Barre. The word the doctors gave the family is that there would be no more chemo, his body just wouldn't take it. We were told to say our goodbyes and prepare for the end. This of course is extremely hard to do if you have never been in this kind of circumstance. How do you say goodbye? I always thought it would be easy. We tell ourselves if only I had been able to say goodbye, or if only I had one more moment with ... but as we found out it is the hardest thing to bring a relationship to the end of a journey. We know in our hearts that of course Heaven is a much better place and all pain will be gone, we will all have brand new bodies etc... but human life fights for survival. Each one has a different way to handle these things. Some cried, some stepped in to do anything necessary to keep busy, all grieved, the kids of course go on as if life is forever and as we left we all knew in our minds the next time we met it would be in eternity. This is hard to write because there are so many emotions involved. There is one thing I know, God is still on the throne and he cares for his own. There is hardly a place we go that people don't say your dad's ministry really helped me or our church. We will never know the eternal value that his ministry had here on earth or the souls that were saved because of his ministry. We do know however, that he fought a good fight and he is finishing the course! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spirit Week, GO PRAISERS!!!!!

As you can see by the evidence we had a really fun time during spirit week. This week is held here at GBS in the High School the week of the big tournament. Which by the way, our girls volleyball team one 1st place and our boys basketball team also won 1st place. Altogether it was a great week, full of fun, laughs and great, great sportsmanship on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Awesome Sledding Dudes!

Snow sledding at Eden Park

Snow days!

Isn't God good. Just what we have been waiting for a snow day. It is absolutely beautiful out today and I am so thankful I get to stay in! Even though I was awakened by my boss this morning at 5:45 to tell me we didn't have school today, I was thankful. It was wonderful to turn over and snuggle down under the covers and go back to sleep for a couple more hours.
This worked until about 8:30 when kids and animals awakened from their slumber and got excited about all the "snow". Then of course what's the use in staying in bed, after all I am just as a big kid and was kinda excited to get up and enjoy the view as well. Then of course what goes better with a snow day than "big breakfast day". We just missed Tiffany, who is snowed in at GBS instead of here with us. Oh' well that's life. Well I better wrap up, I think the kids are dragging out board games. Have a great day!


Once again we here at the Barr house sit back, laugh and enjoy life. Sunday while enjoying, I thought, the wonderful meal, Dakota announced that he didn't like his scalloped potatoes. Trying to encourage him to eat them I held up to him one of the men in his life he holds in great esteem, Grandpa, I said Grandpa loves scalloped potatoes. To which he quickly replied, well lets ship them to him. Kids, just when you think you have heard the funniest they come up with another one.

I think God enjoys watching his children as well. While I know everything we do shouldn't be fun and games a good laugh never hurt anyone. I live with a man who sees alot of humor around him. It is hard sometimes to quiet down for the serious moments God has for us. I enjoyed one of those times in chapel on Monday. I had the privilege of listening to the testimonies of several students, two of which were my daughters. It is good for mom to hear what God is helping them with and also asking them to be patient and wait for. Keep your chin up and get used to the being patient and waiting mode. It is a real part of life and all of us experience it. Just remember "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!" He is working in your life even though you don't see or "feel" it. I am soooooooooo glad we don't go on feelings. Most of the time I would just stay in bed under the covers. Life does continue to go on around us even though we'd like to "stop and get off" every now and then. We must press on toward the goal !!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Very Tired!

Eureka! I have almost made it through another week of school. It is Thursday and the Friday countdown has begun. This also happened to be a short week, but it seemed like to me it had about 9 days in it. I quess there was just an awful lot to accomplish.

I wanted to share with you the funniest thing my 4 year old Dakota said the other day on the way home. It went like this- " Mom, why do people shoot deer?" To which his sister and I named several reasons and I ended with the seemingly most practical one, people also like to eat the meat, to which he said, "that's gross, I would never eat the meat because you don't know how long its been inside that deer". We had the best laugh. Aren't children a wonderful anitdote to a tired moms ears!

Well just thought I'd share this small ramble with all my wonderful followers out there in my world. Goodnight Girls! Love ya to the moon and back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Days Off

This day began like any other, animals and kids waking me up! Sleep in, what is that? That is something I have vague memories of from my single days. Yes this is a day off, but from what?, I am wondering. I still have to get up and let the dogs out, I have to fix coffee - there was no starbucks personal in my kitchen this morning, smiling at me, telling me to enjoy my day off. I still fixed the promised "pancakes for Letha" , her very favorite breakfast food that only gets fixed at special times, like this "day off." Oh and of course I don't have lesson plans done so who gets to put in time for school on her day off, me of course.
Okay I don't want to come across as totally bitter and frustrated. So it is a day off from city traffic, listening and seeing high school students who even though they hate school seem to enjoy being there making my days long.
Oh well, in the long run it is better than being at school. I can enjoy a few extra hugs and kisses and those special moments with the kids. And face it, how often to we get to spend an extra moment snuggling in bed even those there was no sleeping in ? Life is fun even in these moments when I feel like I would like to cover my head and scream- Leave me alone- I never have tried that Hum? Wonder if that would work?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wow! I just got an eye full and a head full. I read all of the blogs of my offspring and realize where do they get their writing ability from? Must be their dad. I don't seem to have the talent that somehow they have achieved with writing so I don't encourage you to read after me unless of course you need so of that monotone voice that puts you to sleep, then give it a whirl. I won't even pretend to keep up with them in creativity, but alas one ounce of wisdom I have learned in my 42 years is let the younger ones lead you in the ways of technology! Oh!!!! girls, your mom needs some help to understand how to set up this blogspot thing that has been handed to me. Please!!!!!!!!!! Ok it isn't a pretty sight when old folks beg. Oh my stars and garters, I just realized it is 10:48 at night, what am I doing? I must go to bed so I can fill kids heads tomorrow with all kinds of knowledge and stuff! Goodnight and Farewell.

I never will ( or will I?) get to old to enjoy a little ice skating with my young-ins!
WEll Here I am again finally. Maybe, we'll see how busy and overwhelmed I get this semester in school. I really had a great break with my family. We had a great Christmas. Did some shopping together, played lots of board games. Enjoyed learning how to wii bowl and showed up my kids in wii tennis. We hung out, ate and ate and ate, watched some movies, did I mention that we ate? We did miss getting to go anywhere or getting to see any family but oh well sometimes that's the way the ball bounces, so if a sleeping dogs sleeping let him sleep. Words of wisdom from my mother-in-law Olene!