Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving Again!

Well surprise we have moved again! This time we are in Florida! Allen is working in mortuary and I am homeschooling Letha- 6th grade and Dakota 1st grade. We are having a great year. Jocilyn is working and planning on taking some college classes in the fall. Tiffany is finishing up her senior year at GBS and Nichole is in her Junior year!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catch UP!

Well it has been quite the year of school. So much going on I haven't taken the time to update this in months! I just thought I might give and update to our lives this year. I have 3 wonderful girls who are attending GBS in different levels of college. Tiffany,the oldest, is working on her internship for this summer and looking at finishing a few classes next year and yes finally my oldest will be graduating college! Yea! I feel like I have finally accomplished something- I am getting ready to turn loose on the world a wonderful girl who is a solid christian and wants to do God's work. Whatever mission field she lands on had better watch out. I expect great things. Of course, I am a proud mom. The next in line Nichole, if she can ever make up her mind, will be following with graduation in a couple of years. I think she is gonna be like her mom and make college her career. We are so proud of her and all her accomplishments as well. Last, but certainly not least, is Jocilyn, she is just in her first year of college and anxious to take on the world. We would like for her to be better prepared and are praying for her in seeking God's will for her life. Isn't it amazing to have such a wonderful, awesome big God who cares about each and every little thing in our lives. I am finishing up my 3rd year here at Aldersgate Christian Academy and am loving it. I really enjoying teaching high school kids about history. Allen has been building and selling mobile concession trailers. He is so awesome at anything he lays his hands to. I thank God for my main man and all his wonderful support! Letha, our youngest girl is finishing up her 5th grade year and is growing by leaps and bounds. She will have her first piano recital in one week. Dakota, our wonderful little boy, is soon to graduate from kindergarten. It seems like yesterday he was just a baby. He is quite a brilliant little man and has his father's love for fishing and building. I never know what I will find that he has created either on paper, out of scraps of wood provided by Dad or what new superhero he has come up with. God has been good to our family this year. We give him praise!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, I guess I am quite a bit behind on this blogging thing. It is really difficult to juggle mom, wife, teacher, counselor of teenagers, pet trainer, mom, wife, teacher... oh did I already say those things? Well I guess I'm not the first busy person out there and I won't be the last. But, alas, school is out and I was still in fast gear and so I delved into every area of my house that has been neglected for the past school year. Wow, where did we get all this junk? We, because of course you didn't think I did it without dragging my children in screaming and kicking, cleaned the basement, the little kids rooms(we did actually find them) closets etc... I think you get the picture. I then found out two weeks later that several in our church are having a yard sale in the church parking lot. Yeah! I now have a place to get rid of all my junk.
Well, I have also successfully helped my husband with this, that and the other, sent my two "chatty" children off to kids camp, gone back to the school a couple of times and worked (it seems to be home away from home) and done some yard work.
I hope everyone has a joyful day! Till we meet again my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures of family!


Well, my girls tell me that I need to write something so that I can have a new post. Life, it sure has a way of marching forward wether we are ready for the ride or not. I don't feel like posting. I am tired, weary, exhausted and yet "Life" goes on. We are, now as a matter of fact, marching toward spring break, which I am looking to with great yearning. I need a break. Not the kind we had recently, but a genuine, restful, have some real family time fun kinda break. We hope to journey back south in hopes of a little R& R camping somewhere in the Carolina's. Boy just the word camping brings back a truck load of memories. Broken toes, piling 13 people in the smallest of campers for the weekend, ham and potatoes the ultimate campfire food, singing, tents(of course with a particular smell of citronella candles), finding that perfect sight, falling in the lake(Allen of course), fishing, and the list just goes on and on. Well here is to hoping we find another "perfect" spot on a Carolina lake.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our pride and joy!

While visiting at his Grandpa Barr's house Dakota entertained everyone with his piano rendition of a christmas song that the children's church group sang for the program.