Monday, February 23, 2009

Our pride and joy!

While visiting at his Grandpa Barr's house Dakota entertained everyone with his piano rendition of a christmas song that the children's church group sang for the program.

The lighter side of life in Pennsylvania!

Here are a few photographs of our trip to Pennsylvania. The Ron Wilson family was a blessing in the way the gave us an evening of fun for the kids and fellowship during a rough spot. Thanks!

Our trip to P.A.

Well this of course was no pleasure trip. This was a journey to say our goodbyes to a father, grandpa and friend. Upon receiving the word that Dad was getting worse, all of the kids decided we needed to make the journey to Pennsylvania to see him. We all arrived from our different states of abode and descended on the Barr house. Dad was in very bad shape and had to be taken the next day to the hospital in Wilkes Barre. The word the doctors gave the family is that there would be no more chemo, his body just wouldn't take it. We were told to say our goodbyes and prepare for the end. This of course is extremely hard to do if you have never been in this kind of circumstance. How do you say goodbye? I always thought it would be easy. We tell ourselves if only I had been able to say goodbye, or if only I had one more moment with ... but as we found out it is the hardest thing to bring a relationship to the end of a journey. We know in our hearts that of course Heaven is a much better place and all pain will be gone, we will all have brand new bodies etc... but human life fights for survival. Each one has a different way to handle these things. Some cried, some stepped in to do anything necessary to keep busy, all grieved, the kids of course go on as if life is forever and as we left we all knew in our minds the next time we met it would be in eternity. This is hard to write because there are so many emotions involved. There is one thing I know, God is still on the throne and he cares for his own. There is hardly a place we go that people don't say your dad's ministry really helped me or our church. We will never know the eternal value that his ministry had here on earth or the souls that were saved because of his ministry. We do know however, that he fought a good fight and he is finishing the course! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spirit Week, GO PRAISERS!!!!!

As you can see by the evidence we had a really fun time during spirit week. This week is held here at GBS in the High School the week of the big tournament. Which by the way, our girls volleyball team one 1st place and our boys basketball team also won 1st place. Altogether it was a great week, full of fun, laughs and great, great sportsmanship on Thursday and Friday.