Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, my girls tell me that I need to write something so that I can have a new post. Life, it sure has a way of marching forward wether we are ready for the ride or not. I don't feel like posting. I am tired, weary, exhausted and yet "Life" goes on. We are, now as a matter of fact, marching toward spring break, which I am looking to with great yearning. I need a break. Not the kind we had recently, but a genuine, restful, have some real family time fun kinda break. We hope to journey back south in hopes of a little R& R camping somewhere in the Carolina's. Boy just the word camping brings back a truck load of memories. Broken toes, piling 13 people in the smallest of campers for the weekend, ham and potatoes the ultimate campfire food, singing, tents(of course with a particular smell of citronella candles), finding that perfect sight, falling in the lake(Allen of course), fishing, and the list just goes on and on. Well here is to hoping we find another "perfect" spot on a Carolina lake.

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Issa said...

You forgot to mention; electrocution, near drowning (Samson, Cindy and Ashley) that rock under your sleeping bag you cant get away from, the smell of smoke blowing in your face, etc. I guess its a long list.